A Study of Some of the Challenges of the Alternative Development Program in Bolivia

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Virginia Tech


Finding an effective alternative to coca production has been a goal of almost every Bolivian and American administration since the 1970's and a goal of various international institutions around the world as well. What appears to be a solution is the application of an Alternative Development program, which consists of the creation of an economic and social environment in which households can attain an acceptable standard of living, without the need for drug (coca) crop cultivation. It means that throughout the application of this program, peasants who have been growing coca leaves should eradicate those crops and start growing alternative crops such as fruits, vegetables, coffee, etc. It is expected in Bolivia that these alternative crops are profitable enough to compete in international markets, providing Bolivian agricultural exporters with a sustainable economic alternative; otherwise peasants will go back to the production of this sacred leaf. This thesis will analyze some of the challenges encountered by the Alternative Development program in Bolivia.



Bolivia, coca, alternative development