Joints and connections

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Virginia Tech

Istanbul is a city on the water and historically has been a link between East and West. Unlike most cities, ferry boats are one of the most commonly used means of travel, along with rail and bus lines. There is a contrast between the grandeur of the historic buildings as seen from the water and the unpleasantness of disembarking from the ferry, which berths at a small shed-like structure on the edge of the water which has old tires attached to piles driven into the bank of the Golden Horn. Some distance away there is a bus terminal and train stop. The paths of travel between these are unclear and the area is chaotic. Architecture has the potential to join and connect people, physical forces, the past and present at various scales. This project seeks to accomplish this connection on a particular site by building a new structure out in the water as a central focal point and joining it to rail and bus links with a tunnel and elevated covered walkways.

Architecture, Inter-modal transportation, Istanbul