A proposed experiment to detect the magnetic monopole of the Ruderman-Zwanziger model

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


In 1931 P.A.M. Dirac postulated the existence of a quantum of magnetic charge, the magnetic monopole. Since its prediction, cosmic ray and accelerator experiments have been performed to detect the monopole, but all have failed. M. Ruderman and D. Zwanziger have put forward an explanation for the negative experimental results. They argue that monopoles are likely to be produced in pairs, which are tightly bound and never become free. Ruderman and Zwanziger point to certain anomalous cosmic ray events as evidence of production of bound monopole pairs. In this paper we review Dirac's arguments, calculate the monopole's properties, and critically review previous monopole experiments. Using the model proposed by Ruderman and Zwanziger to give identifying properties, we propose an experiment designed to detect the materialization of the magnetic monopole.