Jazz Music and Architecture, The Jazz Community Performance Center

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Virginia Tech


The Jazz Community Performance Center explores the intersection between music and architecture. The thesis project poses the question, "How can music form architecture?" The project examines the connection of music and architecture through rhythm, harmony, melody, and form and how these elements can inform and inspire the design of the jazz community performance center. The project also explores how music's emotional and experiential qualities can be translated into a built form.

The Jazz Community Performance Center location is adjacent to Union Market in Washington, DC, Ward 5, to complement and extend the vibrancy of Union Market's culture through music. The Union Market fosters a sense of belonging and connection by bringing people together from different races, genders, cultures, and backgrounds.

The Jazz Community Perfromance Center will be an extension of the Union Market's purpose of uniting visitors from near and far, but people will gather through jazz music this time. The center will offer diverse jazz music performances, from traditional and classic jazz to more modern and experimental styles.

The target demographics for the Jazz Community Performance Center will be music enthusiasts, cultural tourists, students, and deaf communities from Gallaudet University adjacent to the project's location.

Its primary goal is to create a Jazz Community Performance Center that serves as a center for jazz education, performance, and culture. The center's mission is to give aspiring and professional musicians a space to perform and exhibit their passion for jazz music. The Jazz Community Performance Center introduces informal and formal indoor jazz performances, practice rooms, a vibration experiential gallery to invite the deaf communities of Gallaudet University, and an outdoor performance space in the plaza's center to grab and connect the community.



Jazz, Music, connection, rhythm, beats, performance, and therapy