A 3-d model for the operation of a radiation pyrometer in an axial flow turbine

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


An accurate knowledge of turbine blade surface temperature is desired in order to obtain maximum performance from turbine engines. A limited spectrum radiation pyrometer can be used for blade temperature measurement. A model is presented which predicts the output signal from the detector unit of a pyrometer in a turbine engine application.

Six inputs are required for the model. The inputs are the turbine blade geometry, location of the pyrometer with respect to the blades being viewed, focusing parameters of the pyrometer, type of detector, transmission curve of the optical system, and an estimate of the blade surface temperature. The model uses Fortran 77 and IBM CADAM to create a three dimensional representation of the pyrometer path across the blades along with the intercepted target spots. Once the target spot areas are determined, the photocurrent output signal of the detector is predicted as a function of percent blade chord and time. Results are shown for different detectors and temperature distributions. Experimental data is also included, and a comparison is made between the data and the model.

Any of the model input parameters can be varied so that different pyrometer schemes can be evaluated at either the initial design phase or after installation.