The Multidimensional Interpersonal Dependency Inventory: Scale Development

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Virginia Tech


Current inventories of interpersonal trait dependency are problematic because they are based on theories that fail to recognize the positive aspects of dependency. The main goal of this thesis was to develop a new inventory that takes into account theoretical advances using Robert Bornstein's definitions and identified components of interpersonal dependency. The study was broken into the following three stages: 1. Item and inventory creation, 2. Expert feedback and interrater reliability and 3. Data collection and analysis. Three-hundred fifteen undergraduates completed a questionnaire packet, consisting of a demographics section, a copy of the new inventory, and seven other inventories that measure dysfunction and well-being. Although the original hypotheses in this work were not supported, exploratory factor analysis yielded four factors. These four factors and their relevance to the measurement of interpersonal dependency are discussed and suggestions are made for future studies.



Interpersonal Dependency, Positive and Negative Interpersonal Characteristic, Scale Development