Maneuvering of slender X-fin AUVs with hydrodynamic derivatives informed through CFD

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Virginia Tech


The work in this thesis is concerned with the generation of Lumped Parameter Models (LPM) for two, slender, torpedo shaped, X-fin craft. This process involves the use of CFD to simulate captive maneuvers that are normally performed using test equipment in the field. These captive maneuvers are refereed to as planar motion mechanisms (PMM), and when simulated through CFD are refereed to as virtual planar motion mechanisms (VPMM). The results from VPMM are used to determine the hydrodynamic derivatives that inform the LPM. There was some inconsistency in the VPMM data based on the frequency and amplitude that the VPMM was run. A brief study was run to look at this effect. Afterwards, Open and closed loop, autopilot assisted, maneuvers are implemented and performed using the LPM model through Simulink. Results of these maneuvers are analyzed for craft stability. Additionally, comparisons of LPM maneuvers to field data are performed. Critiques of the craft stability and effect of the autopilot are made.



Maneuvering, AUV, X-fin, CFD, VPMM, Planar motion mechanism, Lumped parameter model, Autopilot, Hydrodynamic derivatives