Between Earth and Sky


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Virginia Tech


The thesis is about primitive mass that rises from the earth to recieve modern structure and in doing so it becomes path, center, and boundary. Its thickness is carved, antropomorphic, creating place for structure and light. The modern structure, is a place where science dwells, it is infinite boundless, it allows precision to be born. The proposition suggests that when the two come together there is a moment when the construction changes, and it is in this moment an architectural event should occur. The project is an astronomical observatory for a small college physics department in central West Virginia, it makes a place for the observatory tower, a classroom, conference / exhibit hall, restrooms and office space, the in-between becomes a primitive observatory plaza marking the winter and summer solstice as well as the equinox sunrise, it is a place for gathering and teaching. The secondary focus is that of process, many discoveries were made during the beginning phase of the work, which will be revieled along with the project.



Earth, Sky