Extended Reality Simulator for Advanced Training Life Support System

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Virginia Tech


This research focuses on the design of an Extended Reality simulator for training medical professionals in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and pulse palpation. Existing pulse simulators have the disadvantages of being bulky, expensive, and unsuitable to be used as training tools. In addition, none of the simulators were designed to incorporate the auditory feedback of the pulse, a crucial component of continuous pulse monitoring. The developed simulator incorporates haptic, visual, and auditory feedback modes. In this work, we also conduct a comparative user study to determine the effect of multimodal feedback on different participants. Participants trained in the Audio-Haptic scenario outperformed those trained in the Haptic only scenario. These values could also be correlated with qualitative user feedback indicating that Audio-Haptic interactions were perceived as superior. With this simulator, we hope to provide medical professionals with an immersive and realistic training tool for learning the skill of palpating pulse.



Extended Reality, Medical Pulse Simulator, User Evaluation