Feeding America Southwest Virginia


As a result of our course work we have made a fully functional website that is ready to be moved over to FASWVA’s host and made live. Additionally, we have completed a Virtual Food Drive. A Virtual Food Drive is a way for the user to experience the act of shopping for food for others rather than donating a flat amount. FASWVA personnel will be able to update content as well as encourage companies and individuals to hold food drives using the Virtual Food Drive. The report discusses that Drupal leads to easier editing and that the Virtual Food Drive will improve the user’s experience while donating. The next step is to perform analytics after the website goes live. Recommendations discussed include:

  • Go Live
  • Training personnel
  • Perform regular audits on the website
  • User test the Virtual Food Drive Future groups should consider taking up the following multimedia aspects of this project:
  • Hunger Quiz
  • Hunger Simulation
  • Peer to Peer Food Drives and Fundraisers
  • Testimonies on Website
  • TV Ready Promo Video


To transfer the original content from the Joomla! site to Drupal, we first had to install the Insert and WYSIWYG Module. That allowed easy modification for editing text and multimedia content. We manually copied page by page the site over to Drupal by using the Drupal forms. We would add content and fill in the appropriate information. We found that for some sites that didn't have a lot of multimedia information on it originally we could just copy the entire original site and paste it over to Drupal. Drupal would then be able to read the HTML from the original site. However that worked for a limited amount of pages due to the fact that a lot of the original site had a heavy amount of multimedia on it. One problem we ran into was that the ways Joomla! and Drupal handle embedded videos are different. For Drupal you can not just add the script tag to the HTML of an existing page. The work-around we did was instead to link the videos to the original source.


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