Heat transfer from a spherical surface by jet impingement: an experimental study

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Methods for the removal of heat from a sphere, via jet impingement by single and multiple jets was documented experimentally. Average heat transfer rates from a sphere maintained at constant temperature, by means of an internal electronic heater, and subjected to single or multiple jet impingements were obtained and related to the exit conditions of the impinging air jet(s) and to geometric parameters. The heat transfer rate was found to be insensitive to small changes in geometry. The heat transfer rate was found to increase with an increase in mass flow rate. The impingement of two jets was found not to be as efficient as a single jet using the same mass flow rate. Compressibility was found to decrease the heat transfer rate at high values of the Mach number. Attempts to increase the heat transfer rate by increasing the entrainment of the jet by acoustic or mechanical excitation or by the use of an elliptic orifice meet with no success. The decrease in velocity due to the increase in entrainment cancelled any benefit that was gained by increasing the entrainment of the jet.