Creating an inclusive, adaptable model for tracking, assessing, and celebrating student success in undergraduate research

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There is a current need for programmatic and curriculum support for inclusive, university-wide programs that incentives and recognizes students’ varied research endeavors. Launched in the spring of 2018, the Undergraduate Research Excellence Program (UREP) at Virginia Tech provides a programmatic pathway to assess student interest in collecting, organizing, and reflecting on their undergraduate research experiences. UREP is currently offered as a discipline agnostic and to provide multiple on-ramps into the program. The program has generated interest from students in every College and, to date, 608 students have enrolled. This presentation discusses results and metrics regarding the expansion, assessment, and program updates of UREP and will provide an adaptable framework, program model, and openly-accessible materials for directors/coordinators of undergraduate research offices or programs.



undergraduate research, experiential learning, high-impact practices, research literacy, undergraduate research training