Factors in Choosing Landscape Architecture as a Major: A National Student Survey


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Virginia Tech


The profession of landscape architecture is expected to experience expanded growth in the future while at the same time student enrollment in landscape architecture programs is thought to be declining. This dilemma could lead to a decline in services and growth due to a lack of qualified landscape architects available to meet demands. This study's research objectives include providing baseline information regarding current landscape architecture students decision to major in landscape architecture and to describe influential factors and reasons associated with the decision to major in landscape architecture.

The design of this study is descriptive with data obtained from a questionnaire. The questionnaire design was based on a review of literature, faculty consultation, and pretesting. The questionnaire was distributed with the help of contact instructors who volunteered to aid in this study. The questionnaire was given to students and collected by the contact instructors before being mailed back by mail to the researcher. Several statistical tests have been used to evaluate the data. This study will present the findings from the data analysis and outline implications for students, landscape architecture programs, and the profession.



professional landscape architecture, landscape architecture program growth, Powers