Multi-function Complex in Northern Area

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Virginia Tech


The special condition in the Anchorage, Alaska draws my attention when I traveled to this place. The downtown area is in the far north of the city, it is an interesting point to develop the lifestyle and living condition for the people stay in the northern city.

My thesis starts from the research on the surrounding areas and determines what function of the building suits the site the best. Besides, the shape of the building has some extensions and elevations in order to emphasize the connection between the building and the surrounding spaces. Whats more, the design of the square and the interior parking space are based on the research of the special weather condition in the Anchorage, Alaska.

Throughout the various stages of the design, the final project has the steel structure for the primary structural system and metal perforated board for the elevation to balance the huge body of the building. The feature of the project's function and programmatic needs are based on the connections between the site and the surroundings.



Steel structure, Metal Perforated board, Concrete floor covering