A microcomputer program to analyze wood supply and economic feasibility of wood processing facilities

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Virginia Tech


Two programs, HAPWED (Hardwoods And Potential Wood-using Enterprises Database) and FIST (Facility Investment Spreadsheet Template) were developed. HAPWED is designed to analyze the feasibility of investments in wood processing facilities with respect to the economic supply of timber. The program requires user supplied databases of timber inventory, mill requirements, and product requirements. The program utilizes CONDOR III database manager.

FIST is a spreadsheet template written for SuperCalc IV. It calculates the net present value, internal rate of return, and the undiscounted payback period using estimates of annual cash flows supplied by the user.

Timber inventory, mill, and product databases were developed for demonstration. Eight facilities were tested for economic feasibility using FIST, two had positive NPV's (a conventional sawmill and a laminated veneer lumber mill). Analyses conducted using HAPWED indicated sufficient volume in Southwest Virginia to supply both mills from three different supply points using 50-mile supply radii.