Integrated airport capacity and delay model: computer package of the Federal Aviation Administration advisory circular 150/5060-5

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Virginia Tech


A prototype computer software was created to predict airport hourly capacities and delays~ taxiway hourly capacity, gate group hourly capacity, overall airport hourly capacity, and annual service volumes. The possibility to replace the existing Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 15015060-5 in the future was also explored.

The development of the computer software, ICAD--Integrated Airport Capacity and Delay Model was based primarily upon HyperCard as well as other supporting statistical and drafting computer software such as CA Cricket Graph III, Minitab 7.0, MacPaint and MacDraw II 1.1. A friendly user interfaces and internal computations were the two main concerns for ICAD development. In a. typical application interface, runway use configuration is identified from various diagrams. Input parameter are inserted in the model and outputs are readily obtained in table and graphical form. ICAD scripts have been developed i~ HyperTalk, the language associated with HyperCard. Regression equations were used to convert graphs from the FAA AC 15015060-5 into equations in ICAD. This thesis presents descriptions and validations of the prototype model. Conclusions and recommendations are also included.