Patterns of continuity: revitalizing the underlying principles of Kuwaiti traditional architecture and applying them to a contemporary community

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This thesis describes an approach to the planning and design of a Kuwaiti community that fosters a return to the value system established by past generations but being neglected in current planning and design concepts. This design approach focuses the specific environmental factors that exist in Kuwait, as well as being concerned with the values of the community.

Islamic teachings are built on the concept of unity in creation and purpose. All creatures are created by One and are linked in worshiping the Creator. In the design, all the housing units in the community and the souq develop from the principles of geometry and are linked by unity of purpose.

Contemporary architecture and urban structures in Kuwait should not only rely on local physical materials, but also express the valuable principles of Islamic culture. Islam considers each community to be one family, the relationship Islamic community's between architectural individuals.