From Geometry to Classical


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Virginia Tech


Durability, Utility and Beauty are the three Vitruvian principles of architecture. They are also my belief of what constitutes architecture. In order to pursue the essence of architecture, I hope to find at least in part an answer through the study of classical buildings that adhere to those principles. Classical architecture is often organized through basic geometric elements such as square, circle and triangle. These geometric elements have endured the history of architecture and suggest being applicable to any contemporary building.

Since ancient time, humans had intimate relationships with animals, including horses. Even today, where the utility of the horse is no longer important, people still love to engage with horses on many levels. From this perspective, a horse is in a way a symbol that syncretize ancient and modern times.

A horse stable offers itself as a great example to study the relationship between man and horse. As a site, Blacksburg, a small town with a significant animal research branch of the university has rich pasture resources. The proposed architecture seeks to recognize the long-standing horse culture in classical terms, a very usable and beautiful ensemble, based on strong principal geometric elements.