Privacy Preserving Authentication Schemes and Applications

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Virginia Tech


With the advent of smart devices, Internet of things and cloud computing the amount of information collected about an individual is enormous. Using this meta-data, a complete profile about a person could be created - professional information, personal information like his/her choices, preferences, likes/dislikes etc. The concept of privacy is totally lost with this gamut of technology. The ability to separate one's on-line identity from their personal identity is near impossible. The conflicting interests of the two parties - service providers' need for authentication and the users' privacy needs - is the cause for this problem. Privacy Preserving Authentication could help solve both these problems by creating valid and anonymous identities for the users. And simply by proving the authenticity and integrity of this anonymous identity (without revealing/exposing it) the users can obtain services whilst protecting their privacy. In this thesis, I review and analyze the various types of PPA schemes leading to the discussion of our new scheme 'Lightweight Anonymous Attestation with Efficient Revocation'. Finally, the scenarios where these schemes are applicable are discussed in detail.



Privacy Preserving Authentication, Direct Anonymous Attestation, Trusted Platform Module