A Reflection of a Revolution

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Virginia Tech


This thesis explores form and flow of space through the program of a theatre and gallery. It studies the relation between a building and its surrounding landscape, in order to create public gathering spaces. It also deals with the question of scale and its reflection on how you feel the space. In this project, the building is an extension to the landscape where the ground becomes the roof, and where the boundaries of a space are blurred.

The project is also a memorial for the 2011 and 2013 revolutions in Egypt. It is a place of memory but also a space to inspire future generations. In studying the relationship between two elements, model making and sketching were the primary means of generating the form. Then the design was advanced through a series of digital models and hand sketches. My drawings in general are a rational representation of the spaces. It deals with the sense, rather than the material aspect, of the space.



Form, Space, Flow, Memorial, Revolution