Rethinking Vertical Living

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Virginia Tech


I have always been fascinated by vertical living, especially in the dense Urban context. I wonder how families become neighbors and create a sense of neighborhood when under a single roof in a multifamily/ multi storied housing complex. Whereas the building also serves the various amenities to its dwellers.

Vertical living plays a very significant role and is typically necessary for housing the dense population in the urban areas. However, with limited resources, the living standards in those situations are often compromised. While focusing on the built environment, the intangible essence of 'home' has been lost.

The notion of home is missing when living vertically. The home is not only a place of shelter that protects us from the hostility of nature, provides security, safety and privacy but also is associated with one's memories, celebrations and interactions throughout our lives. These are the aspirations and invaluable assets in our life.

The notion of home is seldom fulfilled without the sense of neighborhood. In a healthy neighborhood, streets are walkable, neighbors know each other, with diversity and mixed use, public open spaces accessible to all. My research focuses on those aspects of human aspirations regarding the built environment and strives to bring back those experiences of home and neighborhood to vertical living.



Highrise Apartment, Urban Housing, Vertical Neighborhood