Development of the second-generation IMTS (Intelligent Monitoring and Trending System) and WOT (Wizard of Tech) expert system for rotating machinery

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Virginia Tech


IMTS and WOT form a PC-based hardware and software system designed to continuously monitor large numbers of rotating machinery, evaluate each machine's condition through a series of user-definable standards, and alert operators to potential problems. This system requires a rack of data acquisition equipment located near the machines being monitored and a PC that can be located remotely. This system has been tested under actual plant conditions at the Virginia Tech Power Plant. The software operates under Windows 3.1, and allows data to be acquired and evaluated simultaneously. This thesis discusses the development of this system over earlier versions and the installation procedures and first runs at the Power Plant. It discusses in detail the operation of some of the main programs that comprise the Intelligent Trending and Expert System.



turbomachinery, data acquisition, data trending