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Virginia Tech


In our Multimedia/Hypertext/Information Access capstone course, we worked with Adult Day Services to create a training video system to teach new instructors in their organization how to conduct recurring interviews with the adult clients. Adult Day Services is an organization at Virginia Tech that provides person-centered care to older adults who need assistance.

Adult Day Services also aims to promote the physical, social, emotional, mental, and cognitive health of its participants, and they use a variety of assessments to measure overall well-being and participant progress. These assessments are conducted in the form of interviews, and the body language, tone, and speech of the interviewer are key to performing them successfully.

The training video system we created covers five different types of assessments and is designed to efficiently train new instructors to conduct these interviews. We filmed an Adult Day Services instructor conducting interviews with five different participants, each completing the five assessments. We edited the footage and compiled all of the clips of each type of assessment together including transitions and titles. We later created a menu system which allows a user to select to play all of the training videos at once, or to play just the training video for a specific type of assessment. We have also included sub-categories within each type of assessment so the user can decide to view a specific participant as opposed to all. We delivered this project in the form of a Blu-ray .iso file on a USB drive which contains the menu system and the associated videos. We have also included instructions on how to download the VLC media player, which is the optimal software for viewing the contents on the .iso file.

Finally, we have included our final presentation from our capstone course that goes over the final product as well as the lessons learned and our future plans.



Adult Day Services, ADS, Multimedia, Video, Assessment