Use of Ultimate Load Theories for Design of Drilled Shaft Sound Wall Foundations


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Virginia Tech


A study was performed to investigate the factors that affect the accuracy of the procedures used by the Virginia Department of Transportation for design of drilled shaft sound wall foundations. Field load tests were performed on eight inch and nine inch diameter drilled shafts, and the results were compared to theoretical solutions for ultimate lateral load capacity. Standard Penetration Tests were run in the field and laboratory strength tests were performed on the soils from the test sites. It was found that published correlations between blow count and friction angle for sands and gravels can be used to estimate friction angles for the partly saturated silty and clayey soils encountered at the test sites. A spreadsheet program was developed to automate the process of determining design lengths for drilled shaft sound wall foundations. The spreadsheet was used to investigate the effects of different analysis procedures and parameter values on the design lengths of drilled shaft sound wall foundation.



Lateral Loads, Drilled Shafts, Field Load Tests