Antecedents of coopetition in small and medium-sized hospitality firms


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Coopetition, which is entering cooperation with competitors, lets firms overcome the challenges of uncertain environments and their intense competition and pressure to innovate. The hospitality industry frequently experiences this kind of competition. It is also dominated by family-run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are inclined towards cooperation due to their limited size and resources, along with their strong social ties. Investigating hospitality SMEs’ decision-making, this mixed-method study tests the antecedents of coopetition in 171 hospitality SMEs in western Austria. Its findings show that economic benefits and destination networks directly and positively influence coopetition, while family involvement indirectly and positively moderates the effect of environmental conditions and social relationships on coopetition. Information from follow-up interviews with 15 firm managers complements the understanding of these effects. Our findings encourage destinations to establish services helping family firms to coopete.



Tourism, Coopetition, Destination development, Network, Family involvement, 1504 Commercial Services, 1505 Marketing, 1506 Tourism, Sport, Leisure & Tourism