The Architecture of Morning and Afternoon

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Virginia Tech


The architecture of Morning and Afternoon. Create still life paintings using tenets of Purism to search for new form(s) from real objects. The paintings will be used to inspire and inform new designs for and architecture project. Using painting to study architecture will necessitate a dual world of painting from reality and designing architecture to become a reality. Purism means to learn to look at an object and truly see it as an object with its own qualities. Still life objects placed where the canvas is a space to design and multiple views of those objects are revealed at once. Objects like bottles, plates and other forms that have remained consistant over generations of refinement. Architectural approaches of drawing like axonometric will be used to help form a critical way of seeing.

The project is for the Good Shephard Elementary school for the Diocese of Monterey in Santa Cruz, California. The elementary school serves roughly 300 students that include pre-school up to 8th grade. The school is currently housed in a building that was constructed roughly 20 years ago and is at maximum capacity. The school owns and occupies a large piece of property in the Santa Cruz city and after school, weekends and during breaks the school is used as a soccer field for the town soccer league. The school is situated in the southern end of the city of Santa Cruz and accessible by car but does not front any major streets. Highway 1 runs south to north just to the west of the school grounds and is a major conduit of automobile traffic to the city.



Good Shepherd Elementary School, California, Santa Cruz