Consisting of a course of study in Farm Management to be taught in Virginia agricultural high schools

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


In May, 1921, a request for all available information on courses in Farm Management for Agricultural High Schools was sent to each Professor of Agricultural Education, at the State Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges, in the United States. Eighteen letters were received in reply to the inquiry.

The following material was obtained, studied, and used as a basis for the course here offered:

  1. U.S.D.A. Bulletin 592--Courses in Secondary Agriculture for Southern Schools.

  2. Suggestions on Courses in Agriculture for the Smith-Hughes Schools in Kentucky, - Prof. McNeal C. James.

  3. Vocational Agriculture for Teacher Training Classes in Michigan, Bul. No. 19-- Dept. of Agricultural Education, Michigan Agricultural College.

  4. Course of Study for Farm Management. - Virginia Agricultural Instructor, Sept., 1921.

  5. Outline of Course in Farm Management. - Prof. D.W. Hamilton --Washington State College, Pullman, Wash.

  6. Agriculture in High Schools. -Goddard and James. --Dept. of Public Instruction, Madison, Wis.

  7. The Organization of the Course of Study in Agriculture, Crandall & Barnett. --Dept. of Pub. Instr., of Columbia, S.C.

  8. New York State Agricultural Teachers' Bulletin, Jan., 1920, and May 1920.

  9. Course of Study in Elementary Agriculture for Wisconsin Public Schools. - F.E. Heald, Asst., Agri. Edu., U.S.D.A.

  10. Letters and suggestions from other Professors of Agricultural Education in State Colleges.

The course as presented is for Virginia schools and was prepared and used under conditions which prevail at Apple Grove, in Louisa County. The course was taught there in 1922-23, and has been revised in the light of experience thus gained, and of suggestions from the Teacher-Training Department at the V.P.I.

The present form is the result of still another revision suggested by the State Supervisor of Agricultural Education, to make the work reflect the latest available suggestions as to courses of study.