Texas Timber-Frame Porch

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Virginia Tech


This thesis project is an investigation of both heavy timber construction and a means to create a retreat away from the chaos of modern life. This culminated in a porch outside of downtown Austin, Texas. The program began with an entrance foyer, kitchen, wine cellar, a humidor, a library, a bar, a locker room, restrooms, and storage. The form became a long, gradually curving hallway responding to the shape of the island. Rooms expand off of the hallway at both the beginning and the end. A heavy timber truss was designed so that it could be adapted to accommodate expansion for rooms, site constraints, and programmatic needs. Special attention was paid to the details of the retreat such as the connections needed to assemble the heavy timber truss and the handrails. The project conveys a strong connection with the site it is situated on.



Texas, Timber, Porch, Frame, Landscape