Walls That Can Talk: City Museum for Istanbul

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Virginia Tech

My thesis; "City Museum for Istanbul" tells the story of Istanbul . The project; from its plans to its elevations and sections is designed by a clear understanding and classification of the city and its long history. Every detail that has been inserted in the building has been used in Istanbul, is a proof of something that belongs to the city and the taste of its people. The most striking characteristic of the museum is; its giant and powerful walls. The idea of using walls came from the fact that Istanbul was founded as a walled city.

Following the history of Istanbul, I picked up the most important aspects of the city and with respect to their original functions, I used them in my design. The city walls were just the beginning; they helped me to divide my site into different parts, defining spaces and handling every function in the museum.

From exhibition areas to courtyards, offices to the cafeterias everything happens between the narrow, high and massive walls.

Their appearances and the materials change depending on their responsibilities; that is how they start to talk and where the journey of Istanbul begins...

Istanbul, Walls