An Assisted Living Private Dwelling Unit Based on User Needs


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Virginia Tech


The United States is experiencing a rapid rise in its citizens aged 85 and older, which is the fastest growing segment of the population. By the year 2050 the population of adults 65 years old and older is predicted to double in size. This trend, referred to as the graying of America, has been a catalyst for researchers eager to fill gaps in appropriate housing options for this population. For the past decades assisted living has grown as such an option for senior housing.

The purpose of this study was to design an assisted living private dwelling unit based on criteria found in literature and in the findings of two research projects. Data were collected during site visits to five assisted living facilities as part of the Best Practices study. Data collected during the CAVE study, in which participants expressed preferences toward assisted living apartment designs, were also utilized.

Design criteria emerging from both studies were found to be in support of current literature. A design concept employing these criteria was developed. The design was presented through graphic techniques including plans, elevations and isometric drawings.



Interior Design, Assisted Living, Housing