Cybersecurity Management System: Defense and Response

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Virginia Tech


Cybersecurity attacks such as phishing, malware, and ransomware have become a major concern in recent years, with many individuals and organizations suffering financial losses as a result. Most people are unaware of the different types of cybersecurity attacks and have not seen examples of them. To address this problem, we developed the Cybersecurity Management System: Defense and Response (CMSDR) cloud software application. It provides both the "Defense" and "Response" to cybersecurity attacks, with educational materials and examples to help users learn about different types of cybersecurity attacks, and a computer-aided reporting and notification system to help organizations respond to ongoing incidents. CMSDR is a universal application that can be used on any platform with a web browser. Any company or organization can effectively run CMSDR on their own server computer for cybersecurity defense and response.



Cloud software engineering, cybersecurity breach response, cybersecurity defense, cybersecurity education, cybersecurity management