Enhancement of a Rolling Resistance Rig for Force and Moment Testing of Tires

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Virginia Tech


Tire testing has been one of the important aspects of the tire industry because it helps identify the tire behavior which further helps in improving the design of tires. It also helps automotive manufacturers choose the best tire for their automobiles. Indoor tire testing helps in relating the data better because of greater repeatability of the testing setup as compared to outdoor testing. This study focusses on modifying a rolling resistance machine to make it capable of force and moment and cleat testing along with the standard rolling resistance test. Additionally, the design of a mechanical loading mechanism (used to apply normal force on the tire) in place of the previous one using dead weights is also discussed.

This study also talks about the structural and vibrational finite element analysis of a tire testing machine. Since the machine was designed to conduct different tire tests, different structural requirements of the tire positioning mechanism pertaining to each test were taken into consideration, and the structure was analyzed for maximum forces and moments acting on the assembly. Cleat testing subjects the tire as well as the structure to an impulse force which calls for the vibrational analysis of the assembly to avoid the structure from resonating.

The design was modified to get it easily manufactured and assembled. These design changes and the aspects taken into consideration have also been discussed.



tire testing machine, force and moment test, rolling resistance test, cleat test, tire positioning mechanism, loading mechanism