Simulation of Adaptive Array Algorithms for CDMA Systems


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Virginia Tech


The increasing demand for mobile communication services without a corresponding increase in RF spectrum allocation motivates the need for new techniques to improve spectrum utilization. The CDMA and adaptive antenna array are two approaches that shows real promise for increasing spectrum efficiency. In this research, we investigate the performance of different blind adaptive array algorithms in the CDMA systems. Two novel algorithms, least-squares despread respread multitarget array (LS-DRMTA) and least-squares despread respread multitarget constant modulus algorithm (LS-DRMTCMA), are developed, and a MATLAB simulation testbed is created to compare the performance of these two novel algorithms with those of the multitarget least-squares constant modulus algorithm (MT-LSCMA) and multitarget steepest-descent decision-directed (MT-SDDD) algorithm. It is shown from the simulation results that these two novel algorithms can outperform the other algorithms in all the test situations (e.g., AWGN channel, timing offset case, frequency offset case, and multipath environment). It is also shown that these two algorithms have less complexity and can converge faster than the other algorithms.



adaptive antennas, adaptive algorithm, CDMA