Nutrient intake of hospital patients on self-selected diets

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Virginia Tech


Mean daily nutrient intake was calculated for 64 obstetrical patients from three-day selective menus. Judged by the standard of the 1974 Recommended Dietary Allowances, the mean intake of 27 lactating subjects was adequate in energy and all nutrients; the intake of 37 non-lactating subjects met the allowance for all nutrients with the exception of iron. Mean intake of these subjects was higher than similar groups in national surveys for all nutrients with the exception of thiamin. Higher nutrient density was in ratio to higher caloric intake.

Relationship of nutrient intake to age education of subjects, and occupation of household head was investigated. Nutrient intake below the allowance was observed at all age and educational levels and in all occupational classifications . Nutrient intake was positively associated with lower age groups (15-22 years) and higher educational levels. Association with occupation was not as positive.

Percentage of calories in the diet from protein sources was similar to the average North American diet. Distribution of calories from carbohydrates was similar to the average United States dietary pattern, and from fat was slightly lower.



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