Investigation of High-Pass Filtering for Edge Detection in Optical Scanning Holography

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Virginia Tech


High-pass filtering has been shown to be a promising method for edge detection in optical scanning holography. By using a circular function as a pupil for the system, the radius of the circle can be varied to block out different ranges of frequencies. Implementing this system in simulation yields an interesting result, however. As the radius increases, a singular edge can split off into two edges instead. To understand the specific conditions under which this split occurs, Airy pattern filtering and single-sided filtering were implemented to analyze the results from the original high-pass simulation. These methods were tested with different input objects to assess any common patterns. Ultimately, no definitive answer was found, as Airy pattern filtering resulted in inconsistent results across different input objects, and single-sided filtering does not completely isolate the edge. Nonetheless, the documented results may aid a future understanding of this phenomenon.



optical scanning holography, holography, high-pass filtering, edge detection