IDEAL Tweet Collection Categorization

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Virginia Tech

The major goal of the Event Based Categorization of Tweet Collections project is to help the IDEAL team to access tweet collections easily. Categorizing over 1,000 collections will aid organization, browsing, searching, and other activities. The focus of this project is to categorize each collection. The original method for categorization was to use a taxonomy scheme, but that was refined to use a tag system. This way the users will be able to see all of the collections in an organized way.

In the original planning, in addition to the categorizing, we planned to implement a user interface, as an extension of the current table of collections, to make it more interactive and easier to browse. The design for the interface also is described.

The project has been refined several times. First, the categorization scheme was refined. In the beginning, the categorization scheme was to use a taxonomy based on event types. Also the GUI was to change the original static table that shows all of the tweet collections; it would add a search bar and column ordering functions. Then the categorization scheme was changed to use a tag system. It would contain an event tag that describes the event type, a place tag that shows the place(s) that the event happened, and a date tag that displays the date the event occurred. After that there was also a refinement that changed back to use a taxonomy scheme again but with better GUI system that will show all of the categories. Clicking the category will filter the tables to only show the related tweet collections. After that there was final refinement that uses a tag system that uses the tags from above, but also contains a taxonomy-based scheme for each tag. During the final refinement, the project was shifted to focus on creating a categorization scheme and applying it to the data file. Uploaded files include the Word and PDF of the final report, and the PowerPoint and PDF of the final presentation.
IDEAL, tweets, tagging, categorization, collection