Gathering Between Walls: A Catholic Church in 12 Mile, Kentucky

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Virginia Tech

The following is a design for a new Catholic church for the Sts. Peter and Paul parish in rural 12 Mile, Kentucky. The existing church building is set into a hillside, mostly underground. It was originally intended to be the basement but had to be used as the church once funding ran low during construction. Through my design I wanted to create a space that would be both welcoming for the parishioners to gather each Sunday yet feel spiritual even when mass is not taking place. To achieve this I wanted to make a space used for nothing but the functions of the Liturgy, any circulation, bathrooms, mechanical services or even confessionals should not detract from the space. By using two massive double concrete walls that would encompass all of the non-essential functions of the church, the space between the walls was freed up to be used as the body of the church where nothing but the Liturgy of the Eucharist would take place.

Church, Concrete, Mass