Shear analysis of rectangular concrete tanks considering interaction of plate elements

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Virginia Tech

The program described in this paper is capable of determining horizontal and vertical shear resultants at any point within a one, two, or three plate system where plates are joined at ninety degree angles. Program options allow for tapered walls and combinations of both uniform and triangular loads for each type plate problem. The three plate solution process automatically imposes boundary conditions conducive to one quarter of a monolithically constructed rectangular tank system due to tank symmetry. The plate dead weight effects and their associated shear force upon the floor plate are also accounted for when analyzing the three plate problem. Difficulties are encountered in the refinement of plate finite element meshes due to program computer storage requirements. The result is that derived resultant values do correlate with published solutions for one or two plate problems. Three plate problems require at least an 8x8 plate mesh, 8.7 megabits computer storage, to provide acceptable resultant accuracy.