Measurement of Electron-Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Sections on I 127 with the COHERENT NaIν E Detector

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American Physical Society


Using an 185-kg NaI[Tl] array, COHERENT has measured the inclusive electron-neutrino charged-current cross section on I127 with pion decay-at-rest neutrinos produced by the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Iodine is one the heaviest targets for which low-energy (≤50 MeV) inelastic neutrino-nucleus processes have been measured, and this is the first measurement of its inclusive cross section. After a five-year detector exposure, COHERENT reports a flux-averaged cross section for electron neutrinos of 9.2-1.8+2.1×10-40 cm2. This corresponds to a value that is ∼41% lower than predicted using the MARLEY event generator with a measured Gamow-Teller strength distribution. In addition, the observed visible spectrum from charged-current scattering on I127 has been measured between 10 and 55 MeV, and the exclusive zero-neutron and one-or-more-neutron emission cross sections are measured to be 5.2-3.1+3.4×10-40 and 2.2-0.5+0.4×10-40 cm2, respectively.