Comparing the Development of Intragroup Trust and Performance Feedback Influence in Interdisciplinary and Homogeneous Teams

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Virginia Tech


The present study seeks to advance understanding of intragroup trust and team diversity. The dynamic interrelationships between intragroup trust, information sharing, and performance were examined over feedback cycles in interdisciplinary and homogeneous teams. In a three-hour lab session, participants completed a management simulation task in teams of four. Performance feedback was administered and process variables were measured periodically throughout the task. Several hypotheses were posed predicting differences between team type as well as the dynamic influence of performance feedback on the nature of trust. Findings both add to knowledge about the development of trust as well as point to future research directions. Although trust displayed an overall positive linear trend independent of team type, Cycle 1 performance feedback contributed to the trust trajectory. Additionally, considerations for operationalizations of information sharing and team performance are discussed in light of findings.



Team Trust, Interdisciplinary, Deep-Level Diversity, Performance Feedback