Advances in real-time optical scanning holography

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Virginia Tech

Real-time holography using an active optical heterodyne scanning technique for recording and electron beam addressed spatial light modulator-based reconstruction has recently been studied and demonstrated. Advances in this area are presented in this thesis. For the first time, holograms of two dimensional objects have been recorded and two-dimensional images have been reconstructed using this system. The ability to digitally store holograms recorded by this method has been added to the system. This capability increases the robustness of the overall system and allows for digital processing of the holograms for improved reconstruction. Nonlinear digital processing for fringe contrast enhancement is demonstrated.

The use of an intermediate display process has previously been identified as a major drawback in the real-time optical scanning holographic system. A digital frame memory is introduced into the system, eliminating the need for the intermediate display process, and thus improving the system. The two systems are compared.