Analysis of Performance Characteristics of Electric Vehicle Traction Drive in Low Speed/Low Torque Range


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Virginia Tech


In a world with a growing population there is a trend toward higher and higher energy usage. Because of the cost involved in producing extra energy, there is a need for more efficient usage of the energy that is already available. The issue of efficiency rings home especially clear with electric motors. Although induction motors are used in many different applications, the motors used in electric vehicles must be able to generate a large starting torque as well as operate over a wide speed range. This work analyzes the restrictions placed on the motor and inverter drive system. It also looks at the best method for controlling the drive in order to achieve the highest efficiency out of the drive. While other works have shown methods of achieve high efficiency out of the motor, it is the assertion of this work that the efficiency of the total drive is more important. It is to that end that this work analyzes the performance of an induction motor under low torque and speed where a traction drive utilizes the most energy.



torque per ampere, control strategy, motor drive, maximum efficiency, electric vehicle, inverter