D-q impedance identification in three phase systems using multi-tone perturbation

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Virginia Tech

In electric power systems, the existence of constant power loads such as output-regulated power converters may bring instability problem to AC or DC distributed systems. Impedance based stability criteria has been proven a good tool for small-signal stability analysis.

This works focuses on the developing of a comprehensive software tool which can extract DC or three phase AC impedances, and apply stability analysis. An algorithm is designed to select FFT window and adjust perturbation frequencies. This feature enables the software to accurately measure impedances even in existence of system line harmonics. Furthermore, multi-tone approach is developed to improve simulation time. The complete software tool is tested with simulation models and experiment results, to show the effectiveness.

When multi-tone approach is applied on nonlinear loads, it gives incorrect results. The reason is that perturbation frequency will have overlapping with side-band harmonics. An algorithm is designed to avoid this problem. The algorithm is tested with 12-pulse diode rectifier simulation model, and 6-pulse diode rectifier simulation model and experimental test bed. Both simulation and experiment results verifies the concept.

d-q impedance, multi-tone, diode bridge rectifier