World Digital Preservation Day 2019 Lightning Talks


In celebration of World Digital Preservation Day, seven Virginia Tech University Library personnel from four different Library departments will present five-minute lightning talks covering various practical and unique topics on digital preservation. Speakers and topics include: Alex Kinnaman, Digital Preservation Coordinator: Web Archiving Luke Menzies, Digital Preservation Technologist: Setting up Personal Archive Storage Jim Tuttle, Associate Director of Digital Libraries: Risk, Threats, and Mitigations Maureen Saverot, 3D Technical Artist: 3D Photogrammetry Jon Petters, Data Management Consultant and Curation Services Coordinator: Data Management Planning Philip Young, Institutional Repository Manager: Corinne Guimont, Digital Scholarship Coordinator: Documentation

All of these digital preservation topics are activities and services provided by Virginia Tech University Libraries.

World Digital Preservation Day is an international event hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition as a means of bringing together the digital preservation community and enhancing awareness of digital preservation best practices. More information can be found here:

See the Digital Preservation LibGuide page on World Digital Preservation Day ( to see some of the other events the University Libraries are hosting for this Day.



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