The esterification of tall oil to obtain drying oil characteristics

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Virginia Tech


A investigation of the literature was made to determine the scope of previous investigations into the possibilities of obtaining drying oil characteristics in tall oil. Refined tall oil was esterified in an inert atmosphere with pentaerythritol at temperatures of 250, 300, and 320°C. Carbon dioxide was used to maintain an inert atmosphere. The esterification was carried out in a glass, Wolfe, three-necked flash heated in a constant temperature oil bath using S.A.E. 250 gear oil as a hosting medium. Agitation was supplied by means of an air driven agitator. The runs were six hours in length with the exception of one four hour run made at 32C°C. The procedure was repeated using activated alumina as a catalyst. the same procedure was repeated using dipentaerythritol in place of pentaerythritol. Crude tell oil was esterified with both pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol at 250°G for six hours in an inert atmosphere of carbon dioxide.