The Place of Man

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Virginia Tech

This is a long building comprised of a series of five rooms set in a field and open to the sky and the surrounding landscape in varying degrees. It is a building that makes a place that encourages manâ s contemplation of the world and the role he and his works play within it. I believe there is no one correct reading of, or meaning to, the work, just as there is no one correct answer to such a broad and complex issue on which individual perspectives can often be very personal and given to unanticipated changes. After all, the world is a very fluid place and the ambiguities of meaning are many. Because of this complexity as well as my own personal desire to make work that can support a number of different readings, the elements of the building have been abstracted to their essential characteristics and identities in order to free up their symbolic potentials. The architectural elements are open vessel into which one can pour their own thoughts and feelings and questions on the matter. I have done my best to communicate my own thoughts on the work, as both they and it stand now, in the text to follow.

Architecture, Landscape, Earth, Sky, Horizon, Man