Layer-specific mitochondrial diversity across hippocampal CA2 dendrites


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CA2 is an understudied subregion of the hippocampus that is critical for social memory. Previous studies identified multiple components of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) complex as selectively enriched in CA2. The MCU complex regulates calcium entry into mitochondria, which in turn regulates mitochondrial transport and localization to active synapses. We found that MCU is strikingly enriched in CA2 distal apical dendrites, precisely where CA2 neurons receive entorhinal cortical input carrying social information. Furthermore, MCU-enriched mitochondria in CA2 distal dendrites are larger compared to mitochondria in CA2 proximal apical dendrites and neighboring CA1 apical dendrites, which was confirmed in CA2 with genetically labeled mitochondria and electron microscopy. MCU overexpression in neighboring CA1 led to a preferential localization of MCU in the proximal dendrites of CA1 compared to the distal dendrites, an effect not seen in CA2. Our findings demonstrate that mitochondria are molecularly and structurally diverse across hippocampal cell types and circuits, and suggest that MCU can be differentially localized within dendrites, possibly to meet local energy demands.



dendrites, entorhinal cortex, hippocampal CA2, mitochondrial calcium uniporter, mitochondrial localization, mitochondrial morphology