Center for Making Material and Craftsmanship: A dialog between the crafted and the fabricated

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Virginia Tech


This thesis is a personal exploration about the making of architecture, not just through the exploration of a particular idea, but as a synthesis of many ideas within the imagination of the architect. Beyond the investigations of space, shadow, light, building, drawing, and contemplation of what Architecture is and can be, there exists the underlying effort to create a personal architecture that reflects the values and ideas of the person who created it.

The aim was to create Architecture that has a meaningful depth to it beyond the façade and that reflects both a sense of poetics and pragmatism. But within that experience was an attempt to investigate the realm that exists between the poetic and the pragmatic, the creating of that in-between realm through materiality that reflects the poetics of pragmatism. In the end that exploration came through the process of exploring the idea of the hand-made and the fabricated. In essence, this thesis presents a dialogue between the hand-made (poetic) material and the fabricated (pragmatic) material as an expression of the Architecture.



material, touch