A study of family perceived needs and interventions provided by the Comprehensive Health Investment Project

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Virginia Tech


The demographics and perceived needs of the Comprehensive Health Investment Project participants were studied along with the interventions provided by the CHIP staff. Demographic information and perceived needs were calculated on 397 household heads. These families were followed for a year and the interventions provided to them during that year were recorded. Intervention records were collected quarterly and analyzed for comparisons with the family profile grid.Results show a unique demographic makeup of CHIP participants. Sixty percent of household heads had one or more years of college; 66 percent were employed at the time of the study; 73 percent were receiving federal financial assistance of some kind. Health and nutrition of the family were the main concerns of the clients. Other needs included financial assistance, employment, and housing. Eleven percent of interventions provided by CHIP throughout the study year were directed towards financial assistance. Ten percent of services were employment oriented. CHIP participants were also shown to use physicians during well times - not just during emergencies. Results and conclusions are discussed in detail.