Natural Language Driven Image Edits using a Semantic Image Manipulation Language

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Virginia Tech


Language provides us with a powerful tool to articulate and express ourselves! Understanding and harnessing the expressions of natural language can open the doors to a vast array of creative applications. In this work we explore one such application - natural language based image editing. We propose a novel framework to go from free-form natural language commands to performing fine-grained image edits.

Recent progress in the field of deep learning has motivated solving most tasks using end-to-end deep convolutional frameworks. Such methods have shown to be very successful even achieving super-human performance in some cases. Although such progress has shown significant promise for the future we believe there is still progress to be made before their effective application to a task like fine-grained image editing. We approach the problem by dissecting the inputs (image and language query) and focusing on understanding the language input utilizing traditional natural language processing (NLP) techniques. We start by parsing the input query to identify the entities, attributes and relationships and generate a command entity representation. We define our own high-level image manipulation language that serves as an intermediate programming language connecting natural language requests that represent a creative intent over an image into the lower-level operations needed to execute them. The semantic command entity representations are mapped into this high- level language to carry out the intended execution.



Machine learning, Natural language Processing, Computer Vision